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Autumn 1997

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SBS Guide to Eating in Melbourne, 1997

"This book is an informed guide to all kinds of eating in this city, and makes a good armchair read too."

My one-year-old daughter seems to prefer Mee Goreng to hamburgers. Just a side effect of living in Melbourne, really. The food landscape is so broad, we lose track of what is "Ethnic", and what is just "Ours". It is a pleasure to see this diversity highlighted in "The SBS Guide to Eating in Melbourne 1997".

This book is a guide by ethnicity to restaurants and shops in Melbourne, compiled from the recommendations of SBS staff (what a great place to find a diverse and literate group of food critics)! It reminds us of the rewards of multiculturalism, including those we have become accustomed to - I never realised those tasty pastizzi are a Maltese food! Darn, another country I'll have to visit.

Fortunately it is not just a list of addresses - each entry is a personal recommendation from someone who would know. Not quite as good as having a Chinese friend order Chinese food for you, but a good start when you want to try something new.

Best of all is the commentary on the changing Melbourne food scene - notice how Tapas bars had their day, but Thai has joined the mainstream? This book is an informed guide to all kinds of eating in this city, and makes a good armchair read too.

Pauline Benzies Laing

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