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Autumn 1997

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Aussie Fact Book
Margaret Nicholson
Penguin, pb, RRP $A6.95
Ever had the kids come up with a simple question and spend hours looking for the answer? It's right on the tip of your memory. You are sure you knew it in grade five. And surprisingly, most of your home reference books don't have this information.

If you are a parent, student, travel agent, or trivia buff, or Aussiephile, this book is a must for you. The Aussie Fact Book is a pocket-sized expert answering some of the most common questions asked about Australia and it's states.

What is the floral emblem of each state? What is the coat of arm? Major festivals? Basic statistics? All these and more are there ready for you to sneak off and read before you answer with well-informed sincerity.
Highly recommended, an excellent buy.

by Ali Kayn

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