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The Inward Revolution
Cover, The Inward Revolution, Festivale book reviews section
The Inward Revolution,

The Inward Revolution begins as a psychological study of human actions and reactions and the way these can both affect you in a positive and negative way it then evolves into a guide into how to improve your health both physically and mentally through understanding the way people are and how they have affected your life.

Progressing through the book you are able to use meditation exercises to gain a greater awareness of your own mind and emotions and, in essence assists you in the search for your own identity. This book has a strong focus towards the spiritual but caters for everybody who is after some form of self improvement in their lives. I cannot deny that I gained from this book.

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One word of caution, this book is not a quick fix, if you are not willing to take some time to progress through this book it is not for you. You will at times have to read sections and then ponder on what they want you to learn, however if you are seriously interested in spiritual growth then the Spiritual Revolution is the book for you.."

Joe White

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