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Issue: Sept 2014

Hard Return (Sept 2014) book review

You Can Never Go Home Again

Cyril Landry is a dead man. The ex-Navy SEAL has gone off the grid to protect his wife and teenaged daughter. However, he can't help watching over them. He is watching his daughter from a surveillance van when an armed gunman starts shooting up the parking lot of her school.

Is this a random shooting, or something even more sinister? Landry is at once a hero and a wanted man. He must solve the apparent mystery of the shooting and evade the FBI and his past employers.

Hard Return is the second of the Cyril Landry books by J Carson Black. Meticulously researched, this book is rich with accurate details of the protocols and habits of black operatives.

book cover, Hard Return by J Carson Black; 220x329

Hard Return by J Carson Black (Sept 2014), pb, 336p, Thomas & Mercer, US$11.99 (kindle US$4.99)

Like the best books, this novel works on more than one level. It is a chase 'em/run from 'em thriller with Landry on the run, using brains and training to evade and protect. It is also the story of a man who loves his family and is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for them. Just what that cost will be is part of what drives the story, and what keeps the reader turning the pages.

Well worth the read.

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Ali Kayn
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