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Issue: Autumn 2014

Me and Murder, She Wrote (2013) book review

Murder and Mayhem in the TV Trade

Chances are you will pick up this book because you liked Murder, She Wrote, the television mystery series staring Angela Lansbury. Or you might just be one of those people who loves reading about film and/or television production.

Me and Murder, She Wrote does include a bit of behind-the-scenes lore about the series, but it is more the autobiography of a successful writer/producer's television career.

Fischer worked with William Link and Dick Levinson and several other luminaries of television production at Universal. He worked hard and he worked fast.

Fischer has an easy and engaging style. He tells his story with modesty and drops names as appropriate, not claiming a glittering Hollywood lifestyle or circle of friends.

book cover, Me and Murder She Wrote, by Peter Fischer; 220x334

Me and Murder, She Wrote by Peter Fischer (Sep 2013)

This is an excellent book for writers, less a cautionary tale than a story of what can be achieved by hard work and a judicious amount of luck. Fischer left Murder, She Wrote and after 'retiring' took up writing the Hollywood Murder Mysteries. His inventiveness in script writing and the pleasant style of this book will send me hunting his latest writing work up.

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