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Issue: Winter 2014

Yesterday's Kin (Sep 2014) book review

Alien Mine


Marianne has just published her paper on a new group of mitochondrial DNA. She is celebrating when a group of feds rush her away.

Aliens have landed and they will only speak to a group that includes her.

This is science fiction for hard science readers. Kress is an experienced science fiction writer, but she falls into the trap of repeating her explanations. Yesterday's Kin is not a rollicking adventure in space. It is a thoughtful examination of what would happen if Terrans had to work with non-Terrans.

Marianne is a parent of adult children, so she gives us an opportunity to watch the responses of multiple groups. This is Kress' concern -- how people behave.

book cover, Yesterday's Kin, by Nancy Kress; 220x348

Yesterday's Kin by Nancy Kress (Sep 2014), pb/kindle, 192p, Tachyon Publications

Yesterday's Kin is science fiction in the classic tradition, a little slow, but an interesting take on what consitutes an alien.

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Ali Kayn
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