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Issue: Spring 2015

The Rise of the Red Queen (2015) book review

College Life and Death

A young college student is missing, her grandfather is distraught, and Doctor Solaris, interim Dean of the School of Journalism is joining in on the investigation together with her favourite cop.

This is the second Red Solaris Mystery, this is the sequel to Red Queen's Run.

Red is in the middle of a battle to manage her department, interview for her current position, and negotiate new sexual assault policies. The story is set in an environment that the author knows well, as she was previously an academic.

The Rise of the Red Queen intertwines the investigation, the politics, and Red's relationship without any of these being out of balance.

bover, The Rise of the Red Queen by Bourne Morris, Festivale book review; 220x351

The Rise of the Red Queen by Bourne Morris (2015), pb, ISBN 9781943390298, Henery Press, $15.95 USD

The pace is fine, the characterisations are well-drawn. We like the recurring characters and we cheer them on. This is the epitome of the 'cozy' mystery genre: an amateur investigator who makes us believe that we could all solve a mystery if we encountered one.

Publication date: Dec 1, 2015

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