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Issue: Summer 2015-6

Sirens in the Night (Nov, 2015) book review

Dark Doings

book cover, Sirens in the Night by Michael Bradley, Festivale book review; 300x450

Sirens in the Night by Michael Bradley (Nov, 2015), 9780692517192, P/B, p, Amberjack, USD 12.00

When Philadelphia homicide detective Samantha Ballard is sent to a construction site she finds three mummified corpses in contemporary clothing. Strange. And this is just the beginning.

I admit I picked this up thinking I was about to read a modern crime novel, which in a way this is. But it is also a supernatural novel as the detective discovers.

Jack Allyn is an easy-listening DJ who was once a big-time star of the radio waves. His quiet life is disturbed when his neighbour is found dead. Jack and Samantha are drawn into a world of strange, dark impossibilities.

Is Sirens in the Night a police procedural or urban fantasy or supernatural? It strides the genre divides and gives the reader interesting characters in a well-drawn environment. The readership is given clues that enable us to know just a little more than the investigators, and we urge them on.

We want a happy ending to this story, we want Samantha and Jack to win out, but can they beat back the darkness?

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by Ali Kayn
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