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Issue: Summer 2015-6

Spectre Black (Sept, 2015) book review

Danger in a Small Town

book cover, Sprectre Black by J Carson Black; 220x329

Spectre Black by J Carson Black (Sept, 2015), 978-1503947436, ebook, 304 p, Thomas & Mercer, US$4.99

Homicide detective Jolie Burke has been in some difficult situations. When she senses that she is in danger from people she knows, she calls the one man she trusts implicity - Cyril Landry

If you have not met Jolie and Cyril before, you are in for a treat. Cyril is an unapologetic hard core protagonist in a world with only flawed heroes. Jolie is a cop who can handle herself, and weapons.

It's contemporary noir. Spectre Black has crime, it has mystery, it has high technology, and it has thrilling adventure. The Cyril/Jolie stories are about as far from 'cozy' as you can get.

Spectre Black can be read as a stand-alone novel, but why deprive yourself? Read the Cyril Landry & Jolie Burke series in order.

Read it, or you might find Cyril at your door.

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by Ali Kayn
Search Festivale for more work by J Carson Black.

See also: Read the Cyril Landry & Jolie Burke series in order.

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