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The bookroom

Summer 1996

Reviews in this issue:
A Suitable Job for a Woman (Val McDermid)
The Thing She Loves (ed. Kerry Greenwood)
Inner Circle (Claire McNab)
Pigeon Poo … and other secrets of the Universe (Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki)
The Dragons of Heorot (Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Steven Barnes)
At Home in the Universe, The Search for Laws of Complexity (Stuart Kauffman)
It's nice to see so many writers in and around Melbourne getting their work into print. Paul Collins, who has been plugging away has had quite a few works hit the streets recently. It must be old hat to him. For some of the newly published writers, every stage brings a fresh glow.

Jane Routely, back in Melbourne again, has the cover of her paperback edition for show-and-tell.

And Ben Bova is about to fly into town for a book tour. Signings, interviews and hotel room instant coffee - that's about a glamourous as it gets. Dates will be published in the events section when we get them.

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Coming releases Just about to go to press is a new Science Fiction encyclopedia. Edited by Paul Collins, this encyclopedia includes entries by many Australian writers, professional and fannish. The encyclopedia is published by the Melbourne University Press. (see review)

More to come as information is available.

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