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December 1997


Reviews in this issue:

Blue Genes, Val McDermid
Wire in the Blood, Val McDermid
Talkback Emperors of the Air, Phillip Adams & Lee Burton
Moments of Pleasure, Paul Wilson
A Home among the Gum Trees, John Nicholson

Makan-lah! The true taste of Malaysia, Carol Selvah Rajah

ISBN Goes Commerical

The allocation of ISB numbers is no longer the responsibility of the National Library, and has now been taken over by the same people who run Books in Print, D W Thorpe. Naturally, this means that there is now a charge for ISBNs, although the press release implies that the administration fee is for the allocation of blocks of ISBNs starting the first six months of 1998.

Books for Film lovers
A Reel Life columnist Terry Frost recommends a few books for film lovers -- could this be the perfect gift?

New Booklovers' links
Prime Crime.com mystery newsletter. (http://www.primecrime.com) PB PLUG, the goods on the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles around. (http://www.pbplug.com) Putnam Berkley's Kiss & Tell, monthly romance newsletter, offers an exclusive peek at some of today's hottest romance authors. (http://www.pbkiss-tell.com)

Published Aboriginal writers wanted

Previously published aboriginal fiction writers are being sought by Sarah Endacott of Edit or Die for a new project. Please mail her with your publication list.

George Turner Prize announced by Transworld , see October bookroom

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NEW SITE!!David Gerrold has opened three new sites on the Web. David is a punster most foul as well as a sf writer with an assortment of credits ranging from Star Trek to Chtorr. Check them out from our book links page.
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October 27, 1997: Oprah Winfrey announced today that the next selections for her televised Book Club will be Ellen Foster and A Virtuous Woman by Kaye Gibbons. Both books are published in paperback by Vintage Books, a division of Random House, Inc. in New York.

For more information, and the online forum, click here.

Stiletto award Sisters in Crime forthcoming events:

The Raw & The Cooked, Food and Sex in Women's Crime Fiction
7-9 p.m. Friday 16 Jan, CAE Level 2A, 256 Flinders St, MELBOURNE. Bookings essential (03) 9537 2781 (H)

New membership enquiries:
Helen Halliday (03) 9525 3852

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