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March-April, 1998


Reviews in this issue, Fiction:

With Friends Like These, Nicholas Coleridge
Chain Letter, Claire McNab
Asleep at the Wheel, review
Working from Home, Peter Schmideg
Chomsky for Beginners, John Maher and Judy Groves
Organizing Genius. The Secrets of Creative Collaboration BeginnersWarren Bennis, Patricia Ward Biederman
Straight, Bent & Barbara Vine, Garry Disher

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Prime Crime.com mystery newsletter. (http://www.primecrime.com) PB PLUG, the goods on the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles around. (http://www.pbplug.com) Putnam Berkley's Kiss & Tell, monthly romance newsletter, offers an exclusive peek at some of today's hottest romance authors. (http://www.pbkiss-tell.com)

Authors on the Web

Paul Collins joins the growing huddle of writers on the web. An editor, author and bookseller, he is one of those authors who can sell you their own books. His site is listed on the book links page.

Tegan James also contacted us regarding her site, where you can purchase copies of some of her books (also on the book links page).

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In the WorksHodder Headline has signed Michael Pryor for a young adults trilogy.

Proofs were distributed in December to contributors in the new MUP Encyclopedia of SF&F. One step closer.

Festivale readers group proposal

Are you interested in participating in an online readers group? It's pretty simple, a book is selected, you read it, and e-mail your comments. There is a moderated discussion list that goes out with the readers comments on it.

Which books? Well, one option is to pick up the books recommended in the Oprah bookclub, with are of a high quality. We may supplement these titles with Australian authors.

Sound interesting? contact us. If enough people are keen we'll go ahead.

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