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Issue: October 1999

World Science Fiction Convention

Sep 26, 1999 the following message was received:

"Marion Zimmer Bradley had a massive heart attack and September 21, 1999 and died Saturday September 25, 1999. For those who don't know, Marion is the author of MISTS OF AVALON and the DARKOVER series and many other science fiction and non-science fiction novels, some of which brought people to the alternative practices." http://www.mzbfm.com.

Oprah's Bookclub pick for September, 1999

Book cover, Tara Road by Maeve Binchy Tara Road by Maeve Binchy
You can buy it from Amazon.com; or Amazon.co.uk ; or

Robert Jordan visits the Melbourne Writers Festival

While Robert Jordan was in Australia, he was nice enough to ring Ali and answer the usual questions. We hear that NBC have purchased the rights to bring his Wheel of Time series to the screen.

There are plenty of reviews in
Sally's Reading Corner

Robert Jordan
George R.R. Martin
Sally Odgers
Sally Rogers-Davidson
Ian Irvine
Paul Brandon
For more see the author index and the usual questions

You can now buy books in our mall

Some time ago we received a very nice message from a lady at Bell. After reading our reviews, she had picked out a couple of titles for christmas gifts, and after a brief e-mail she was off to find an online store.

As from September, we will be providing links to a choice of online stores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The online shopping mall is scheduled to be opened the first week of September, you may find it still under contruction, please don't mind the cyber-scaffolding.

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