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Welcome to Melbourne, Australia

It's update time at Festivale. Much of the site is cobwebbed, but there will be new material coming. We're back at, although there are links to our old URLs all over the web. Please let the webmasters know if you find old links, we do.

Over the new few months we will be updating the site, not just the textual information, but new updated photos to catch up with the changes -- for better and worse of our city .

If you or your organisation are mentioned in our pages, now is the time to contact us with your latest information . We are scheduling revisits by contributors as well as catching up on new attractions and those not previously visited.

If you have a Victorian attraction that you would like to see covered, or to submit information, photos or features, please let us know.

A Christmas Treat

While you're waiting for the January features to appear, why not remind yourself how The First Christmas Tree Fairy came to be.

Visit our sister publication for a bit of film commentary, or indulge in a bit of fiction on the editor's website

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For lovers of series: the series series project.

Did you know that Melbourne, Australia is a hotbed of genre fiction writers? Whenever we get the opportunity we ask writers, artists and filmmakers the usual questions.
We also include book pages, selected bibliographies with recommended reading orders and places to go online to buy books and get more information. If your favourite author isn't listed, we could be building it right now, or maybe you have the information ... (you could ask)

Pictorial guide to Melbourne, Victoria Australia with clickable maps of Victoria. This is a growing list of places to go in Melbourne and Victoria, for tourists and locals alike. Schools: why not contribute an entry on a local historic site, or park or garden?

Festivale aims to encourage local and international artists, and interest in Melbourne and Victoria.

Festivale includes Melbourne attractions and entertainment, book reviews, film reviews, software reviews, maps, tourist destinations, historic sites, clickable maps, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Australian release dates for movies.

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Celebrate Everything!

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