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Summer, 1997

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Welcome to the second issue of Festivale.

The concept is simple-ish. I create a fresh cover each season with new features, but add reviews, news, and so on weekly as they arrive.

A special thanks goes to John Dillane who did such a sterling job with the films in the spring 96 issue. He has moved to Sydney, and we all wish him the best of luck up there.

And thank you, too, all the reviewers who have submitted their work. We have received queries from people interested in doing reviews. Our reviewers write for us for love (or as blackmail payments) or barter. Chocolate and praise also work well. If you're still interested, please send an e-mail.

Please also e-mail if you find broken links, or suchlike.

Regarding copyright, if you want to reproduce / publish features or reviews in Festivale, please contact the authors.

by Ali Kayn

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