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July - August 1999

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Ali Kayn's desk; alikaydeskwithbear.jpg - 12175 Bytes Someone on the WordPerfect help desk accused me of filching their 'official' Windows wallpaper/desktop when she heard that I had this image. Ha! This is my desk, or it was a few years ago. The bear? His name is Bearly Perfect. Progress?

This month, with great trepidation, I upgraded to Windows 98. Mainly because I wanted to try the modem sharing functionality in the Second Edition. Modem sharing enables users on networked PCs to share a modem. Great, you would think, for the home users with a couple of PCs, or a business with occasional need for Internet connections.

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The documentation was a bit wonky, explaining in far too general terms, and assuming the connected machines were not previously networked. However, I did get the machines up and going, talking together. The main change was the machine without the modem (the client) now needed the network card bound to TCP/IP.

My excitement at having two machines (one Windows 98 with a modem, and one Windows 95 without a modem) both connecting to the Net was nothing to the adrenal reaction when I discovered that my FTP site uploads would hang repeatedly. I'm doing a big site refresh and it took several connections per directory.

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I fixed the problem by returning to the original WINSOCK, fortunately an option in Add New programs.

Sigh. Next I'm going to try using Artisoft's iShare, which provides modem sharing.

Meanwhile, I've received a lot of software and hardware. One of the most useful has been Studio MP10, a video capture/writing device. There are two versions, internal and external, and although it took me a while to work out the vagaries of the cabling, it provided simple video capture. Well video capture may not be unique, but not many devices also let to write out to your VCR.

A hardware device, it also comes bundled with video capture (easy), video editing (far from easy), and CD creation software. The CD creation software enables you to create CDs with graphical menus. Videos can be AVI or MPG-2 standard. Australian RRP is $699. Australian distributor is Lakovision.

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