Yes! We take advertisements. E-mail us for our low, low rates.

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Advertising with Festivale

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Yes, we at Festivale are happy to send our readers to you. Because we continually add to our site we have a strong revisit rate. If you have a great site or service, our readers should know about you. Click here to order advertising. If you believe that you can provide a valuable crosslink, check the image formats we support, and then fill out the request for a link form.
So, how many readers do we have? The figure increases all the time. The current readership is approximately 68,000 per month.

How much? For clubs, amateur activities, and non-profit organisations, during this trial period (up to end-Dec, 1998) we are offering a minimum of one click-through advertisement for A$20. Of course, if we put up an entry that seems relevant, we're just as likely to throw in a couple of extra ads just for good will.

Same thing with the commercial companies. A$10 until end-June 1998 (or A$50 until end-Dec 1998) for a minimum of one click-through advertisement. click here for the request a link form


Banner ads can be 400 x 60 pixels in size, no more than 10K. Animated banners can only loop through 3 times as they are extremely distracting and cause more annoyance than click-throughs.

Business card ads can be 260 x 120 and less than 10K

Examples of advertisements we have on the site:

Non-profit community announcement (Helpline)

Need to talk to someone, this is where you can get help.

Personal Home Page ad (240 x 120 less than 8K)

Check out Terry's own home page

Banner advertisment for a commercial site (this one is 400 X 40 pixels and less than 7K)

Standard banner advertisment

Visit the bookroom

Banner advertisment (400 x 60 pixels and less than 7K)

Yes! We take advertisements. E-mail us for our low, low rates.

Go to coming attractions (films)

Business card advertisment (240 x 110 less than 10K)

Why not use our search page to surf the net?

Business card advertisement (270 x 120, less than 7K)

Anne McCaffrey features

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