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Sitting through the Emmy awards is an emotional experience. Surprise at some of the decisions, complacency at one's ability to pick the winners, embarrassment on behalf of the presenters who struggle with some of the worst-written would-be-humour on the small screen ("We told them it wouldn't work": George Clooney). And gratitude.

Each year we lose members of the entertainment industry. The annual role call reminds us all of our own mortality, and of our great good fortune that they lived in the time of film and video and digital memories. Unlike the greats of the previous centuries, many of the talents of the twentieth century will not be lost. While we should all be grateful that these talents lived in our times, we can also be glad that their works will continue to delight, and perhaps enlighten, us and those who follow us through time.

One of the wonders of our video age is that so many stories have a second chance. Movies that 'failed' at the box office can enjoy revivals in the video stores or cable channels.

For example, for a way cool evening of good fun (and a discreet message), try Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the story of a vacuous blonde teenager who discovers to her disgust that she is 'the chosen one'.
Ali Kayn
Melbourne, Australia 1996

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