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Spring 1997
(Filed October, 1997)

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What are the big draw cards on the web? The biggest sites? And is the emphasis changing?

It seems inevitable that, as more and more of the great unwashed (public) join the online community that it's nature changes. When books began to be mass printed and the bookroom (library) was no longer the domain of the rich, powerful and influential man, then the titles changed.

I remember arguments on the Autodesk site against dropping the price of 3D Studio, because, they said, it would encourage people who didn't deserve the product to buy it. And then they would demand an easier interface (which PROVED that 'they' didn't deserve it).

Heaven help us from self-appointed puddles of expertise and talent.

Which brings me to the point, (you knew I had one), that the popular sites of web increasingly reflect the popular interests, including (you guessed it) MOVIES.

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Movies are a simple medium to deal with, from the user perspective. You pays your money, you finds your chair, you watches the show. How much you enjoy that show is going to depend on what you bring to it. Information assists edification (I made that up). You can slide along the surface of a film, or you can watch carefully, listen carefully, observe, learn, appreciate.

The best products of the film makers are those films which we can return to many times, each time experiencing it anew as we notice the nuances of the work. We can appreciate the cleverness of the writer's structure and words, the subtly of the director's vision, the depth of the actor's portrayal, the beauty of the cinematography, the way in which costume and setting, even furniture, build on the characterisation, establish the place, and give us so much more to experience.

When you go to the movies, you can appreciate so much more if you watch all of the movie -- notice the trees and the forest. And to do this, information, and even more, education is the key. Internet sites provide a rich variety of everything from serious criticism, through fact, figures and trivia, all the way to rumours, gossip and things to come.

Some of these sites are listed on our movie links page. If you would like to nominate an excellent site, please e-mail us.

Ali Kayn, October 1997

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