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November 30 - December 10th

Inaugural Italian Film Festival

The Italian Institte of Culture and Palace Cinemas premiere a selection of new feature films, opening with the Australian premiere of Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips). Other films include Il Cielo Cade (The Sky Will Fall), La Via Degli Angeli (Midsummer Night's Dance).
The festival also includes a Director's Restrospective section including the works of Pasolini, Bertolucci and Fellini. Short films directed/produced or staring Italian-Australians will also be shown.
Sydney: Palace Norton St Leichardt Nov 30 - Dec 10
Melbourne: Cinema Como South Yarra Dec 1 - Dec 10

Due for release 21th

Bring It On

A group of nice white cheerleaders trying for a championship discover they are using stolen moves from the non-white girls of a poor high school.

Due for release 25th

The Carriers are Waiting

An overbearing father dreams of fame and fortune for his family, and forces his 15-year-old son into a competition to break the world record for door opening and closing. Meanwhile his young daughter befriends the lonely pigeon-fancier next door. Belgian film featured in the 2000 French Film Festival. B&W French-language. Directed by Benoit Mariage.

Due for release 7th
more information

Chicken Run (2000)

Prisoners in fear of their lives seek escape from the farm where they are held: from the makers of Wallace and Grommit (clay animation).

Due for release 26th

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Highly recommended by the team at Premiere magazine, and part of the Silk Screen Collection, this is based on a series of novels published in Shanghai in the early 1920s. One story is about an aristocrat's daughter leading a double life as a notorious criminal, the other about China's most renowned warrior. Directed by Ang Lee, with michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fat. Martial arts sequences choreographed by the same man as The Matrix. (M). official site

Due for release Dec 2-3 only

Dr Coppelius

Part of Palace Cinema's Opera and Ballet Film Festival, which offers films at weekend matinee sessions (Cinema Como, South Yarra). Phone 9827 7533 for bookings.

Due for release th
more information

Losing Grace (2000)

Due for release 26 th
more information

Magic Pudding, The (2000)

Due for release 7th

Mallboy (2000)

A slice of life in suburban Melbourne: booze, bongs, and petty larceny.

Due for release 10th
more information

Mato Grosso (1999)

Due for release 21th

Moulin Rouge (2000)

Vibrant musical set in Gay Paree.

Due for release 14th
more information

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)

Due for release 7th

Red Planet (2000)

A group of explorers are on their way to start a station on Mars.

Due for release 26th

Small Time Crooks

Due for release Dec 9-10 only

Tales of Beatrix Potter

Part of Palace Cinema's Opera and Ballet Film Festival, which offers films at weekend matinee sessions (Cinema Como, South Yarra). Phone 9827 7533 for bookings.

Due for release 21th

Vertical Limit

A mountain climber withdraws from his sport and his family after the death of his father in a climbing accident. Three years later he has to take part in a mission to rescue his sister and a climbing group trapped on K2. Directed by Martin Campbell, with Chris O'Donnell, Scott Glenn, Robin Tunney and Bill Paxton. official site

Due for release 26th

What Women Want (2000)

A womanizing advertising executive has two problems -- a new female boss and an accident that results in his being able to hear what women are thinking.

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