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October, 2001

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Due for release th


Due for release th

America's Sweethearts

Eddie and Gwen are America's Sweethearts, a glamour couple bathed in Hollywood's PR glow, that is, they were. Now she has a couple of flops under her belt, and he is in his seventh month of a two-week retreat.

Due for release th


Due for release 25th

From Hell (2001)

Due for release 18 th


During summer break a college student makes a cross-country road trip to collect the girl of his dreams. On the way he stops to rescue his older brother who goads in into playing practical joke on a trucker. Then the trucker sets about delivering their just desserts.

Due for release th

Kiss of the Dragon

A Chinese Intelligence Officer (Jet Li) goes to Paris on assignment and becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. Directed by Fifth Element's Luc Besson.

Due for release th


Due for release 25 th

Man Who Sued God

A drop-out fisherman ex-lawyer (Billy Connolly) and a journalist (Judy Davis) take on the insurance companies by suing the churches over an 'act of god'.

Due for release 11 th

Original Sin

Luis Vargas (Antonio Banderas), a wealthy coffee merchant in late 19th century Cuba who decides to marry. He chooses a marriage of convenience with an American, Julia, only to discover that she is a beautiful woman with a past and a group of unpleasant acquaintances.

Due for release th

Riding in Cars with Boys

A young woman discovers that mother was right about the dangers of riding in cars with boys.

Due for release 18 th

Scary Movie 2

The sequel to the spoof.

Due for release 18 th

Sidewalks of New York (2001)

Due for release 25 th

What's the Worst that Could Happen

Based on the novel by Donald Westlake, two man, a successful business man and a thief are wrapped in a struggle of egos. When Kevin (Martin Lawrence) is caught robbing Max (Danny DeVito), Max decides to turn the tables by claiming that Kevin's ring was his own. Kevin vows to get it back.

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