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Festivale Winter 1997

Twin Town brings you down

Poster, Twin Town, Festivale movie review

Ever wondered about those Yes Minister comments where they threaten civil servants with the vehicle licensing bureau in Swansea? THIS is the substance of the threat.

Sometimes certain people, or certain groups, say things, or do things, that completely and totally boggle my tiny mind. I fantasize fondly of a life without that type of thinking, that type of person. But we can't go around knocking people off because they hurt the logic centres of our brains (or the moral centres for that matter).

After 20 minutes, maybe 30, I truly suspected that the mad villains in B movies who want to destroy the Earth to make way for something better were onto a good thought there. Frankly, if a nuclear bomb would end the lives of the obnoxious, self-absorbed, stupid, self-centred, egotistical, foul-mouthed, foully-behaved s--t-heads who are (I presume from the 'glorious' ending) the heros of this film, then nuke away!

The family is poor, they are under-educated, but they don't make an effort, so any bleeding-heart over-zealous social worker who wants to claim that they are victims can frankly go for a swim without lessons. Somewhere deep. With sharks. Give me a break. I started out in something close to a two-room shack and I have never snorted glue, pissed on a crowd or stolen a car.

And if that isn't enough -- 65% of the dialogue of this film is the word f*ck, 15% of it is in Welsh, and the rest is incomphrehensible. Expect to understand about 100 words of dialogue if you're lucky.

Or if you're really lucky -- you'll miss it.

Ali Kayn

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Just the facts:

Title: Twin Towns (1997)
Written by: Kevin Allen & Paul Durden
Directed by: Kevin Allen
Produced by: Andrew MacDonald & Danny Boyle, Peter McAleese
Edited by: Oral Norrie Ottey
Director of Photography: John Mathieson
Polygram Filmed entertainment

The Players: Dougray Scott; Dorien Thomas, Sue Roderick, Rhys Ifans, Llyr Evans
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Reader comments
The film was targeted at the intellectually superior British/European audience, not for morons.

Lloyd Amsdon, lloyd@amsdon.freeserve.co.uk

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