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Festivale Spring 1997

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If a boy's best friend is his dog, and the boy is a computer nerd, than having a dog called PC is just dog-gone obvious.

Of course, Zac (musician Nathan Cavaleri) is not the dog's original owner. That was Alex, the brilliant scientist who taught PC to use the computer and was, until his untimely murder, hiding in Sydney from his nefarious wife, played by Sandy Gore.

We took a couple of kids to a child-laden preview of Paws. They loved it -- especially the end.

The film is a masterpiece of casting, who else but Billy Connolly could carry off the doggy-bum humour he delivered as the voice of a little Jack Russell (played by Forrest).

As a computer nerd myself I had trouble with the 'science', but once the script had established that PC could type and the computer could remotely translate his barks and whines, then the film remained true to the premise.

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The characters, except for the immediate family, are drawn with a very broad brush, played for humour. The family was the weakest part of the film, not getting deep sympathy from the kids or the adults in the audience.

A winner with the kids, accompanying adults will find something to entertain them as well.

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Ali Kayn

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Just the facts:

Title: PAWS
Written by: Harry Cripps, based on a book by
Directed by: Karl Zwicky
Produced by: Rebel Penford-Russell (exec), Andrena Finlay and Vicki Watson
Edited by: Nicholas Holmes
Director of Photography: Geoff Burton, ACS
(87 mins, PG)
A PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Release

The Players: Nathan Cavileri, Billy Connolly (voice), Sandy Gore, Emilie Francois, Forrest.
Animal Trainer: Luke Hura
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