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Festivale Spring 1997

Austin Powers

The premise of this film is simple, head towards reality, and take a SHARP left.

This is a no-holds-barred, respectful look at the sixties and spy films that takes a sharp poke at anything that stays still long enough. And if you say that doesn't sound like fun, "Oh, behave!"

This film I attended on the recommendation of Terry Frost, who writes the A Reel Life column. I avoided Mike Myers' Wayne's World with extreme care, and intended to do the same for this one.

DON'T miss it. I was wrong. (see I can say it - ed).

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Movie Poster, Austin Powers

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Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, (Myers) is a debonair 1960s fashion photographer, copulatory giant, and spy. In a gesture of great selflessness Powers is frozen when his nemesis Dr Evil (Myers) freezes himself and cat Mr Bigglesworth.

Now in the 1990s the pair are defrosted and prepare to fight their 1960s-style battles in the world of safe sex and capitalism.

The question is: who will win? Dr Evil, with his out-of-date plans for world domination? Austin, the out-of-date sexual revolutionary with the Peter Sellers chest hair wig? Or the 1990s, which neither is quite prepared for?

Certainly not Ms Kensington (Hurley) who simpers mindlessly after each sexual innuendo Austin offers.

There are so many things to commend this film. It's fast, it's witty, it is knowledgeable and well-researched. Let's be honest here, this film demonstrates that Myers can write, perform, and probably spends an inordinate amount of time watching television.

Don't miss the Star Trek connection. I bet you do, unless you've seen Bill and Ted. It's spot the reference, people; however, you should enjoy this film even if you haven't seen every sixties film there is.

Sit back and enjoy the film. Buy the video, it'll be worth a second look, and a third.

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by Ali Kayn

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Just the facts:

Title: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Written by: Mike Myers
Directed by: M. Jay Roach
Produced by: Eric McLeod, Claire Rudnick Polstein, (executives); Demi Moore, Mike Myers Jennifer Todd, Suzanne Todd.
Edited by : Debra Neil-Fisher
Director of Photography: Peter Deming

Music: George S. Clinton
Costume Design: Deena Appel

KC Medien of a Moving Pictures / Capella International / Juno Pix / Moving Pictures / New Line Cinema

The Players: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers, Robert Wagner

Cameos to watch for: Rob Lowe, Carrie Fisher, Priscilla Presley, Christian Slater, Cheri Oteri, Tom Arnold,

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