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Festivale Spring 1997

Picture Perfect, Plan Imperfect: Future Tense
She's smart. Well, she is good at her job. She comes up with the adverting concept that wins her agency the big new account. But she isn't named as one of the team. And why not? Because she still lives like she is in college, or so her boss says. Dress for the job you want. And frankly, that cutsie black pinafore thingy with the t-shirt underneath (a look invented on a bet, I'll bet), it's not the look of a woman serious about her career. Nor is the hair stuck up at all angles. So what is a girl (Jennifer Aniston) to do?

movie poster, Picture Perfect, Festivale film review
movie poster, Picture Perfect, Festivale film review

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She gets mad and threatens to quit, so her friend (Illeana Douglas) invents a fiance on her behalf, and hey presto, she's on the team, she has a pay rise, and Mr Cute-but-unattainable (Kevin Bacon) instantly becomes interested because he likes the tension of being involved with women who are cheating on their menfolk. Oh, dear.

You guessed it, the alleged fiance must be met (in this case he becomes a national hero saving a child from a burning building), and spurning $1,000 for the weekend (because he was going to ask her out anyway) Nick the Nice (Jay Mohr) flies into town for the big break up scene.

Is this sounding hackneyed yet? It's done seriously, the people making the film don't cringe with embarassment, they get the film from beginning to end at a reasonable pace, but if it's a vehicle for Friends' Aniston, as a vehicle, its a VW.

Go see My Best Friends' Wedding instead

by Ali Kayn

Website: www.foxmovies.com/pictureperfect (Fox)
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Just the facts:

Title: Picture Perfect (1997)
Written by: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky and Glenn Gordon Caron; story by Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky  & May Quigley 
Directed by: Glen Gordon Caron
Produced by: Molly Madden (exec.); Erwin Stoff; William Teitler (exec.)
Edited by Robert M. Reitano 
Director of Photography: Paul Sarossy 

The Players: Jennifer Aniston; Kevin Bacon; Illeana Douglas, Jay Mohr, Olympia Dukakis
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