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Festivale online magazine, December, 1997, Film reviews

Alien: Resurrection

Quakin’ All Over

Just as with Men In Black, I saw this one in an overheated audience of science fiction fans. There were printed t-shirts all over the place and less muscle tone than you’d find in the dumpster outside a liposuction clinic.

Yes, there’s the story of Ripley’s cloning and the fudge they use to justify her retention of Ripley’s memories is marginally okey-doke. Some waffle about the Aliens genetic memory being passed on to her along with some useful traits like black fingernails, acid blood* and an ability to blitz anyone at one-on-one basketball.

movie poster, Alien Resurrection, Festivale film review
movie poster, Alien Resurrection, Festivale film review

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Gross Comment Alert

* The acid blood definitely removes the possibility of Ripley having sex during menstruation.

End Gross Comment Alert

Readers, please note, Terry is not known for his subtlety. For him, this is a relatively classy comment. - your kindly editor

Weaver is charismatic and dangerous as Ripley 8, Winona Ryder is bland as Call – she kinda reminded me of Astroboy’s little sister, Ron Perlman has a few moments as the brutish Johner. Dominique Pinon who was in the director’s The City of Lost Children with Perlman, is effective as Vriess -- the wheelchair bound mechanic. Brad Dourif does his usual creepy scientist stuff as Gediman. Nobody portrays ickiness and people who are not only off the planet but out of the galaxy better than Dourif. The film also has a couple of mildly diverting plot twists that most people will pick up on before they happen.

Technically, the Alien Resurrection is great. Lots of dripping slime, some nice space scenes, effective CGI of the Aliens swimming underwater and effectively directed action sequences. But nothing much new or innovative.

It took me a day or two after seeing this film to figure out why it didn’t impress me much.

Alien Resurrection is a movie based on the id games PC game, Quake. It’s the Weaver-Rider-Aliens Quake module. They even do that Quake manoeuvre where you lay back underwater and shoot grenades up into the air to take out the enemies above. I know that the original Alien and Aliens inspired hundreds of computer games, but this kind of payback is a little unworthy. The starship sets are Quake inspired shadowy corridors with oblique lighting and a lot of the weapons look awfully familiar.

And guess what? The film leaves things way open for a sequel. There’s a surprise.

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December, 1997

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Just the facts:

Title: Alien Resurrection(1997)
Written by: Joss Whedon
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Produced by: Bill Badalato, Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill, Amy Jupiter, Lisa Knaggs, Antoine Simkine, Edouard Valton, Sigourney Weaver
Edited by: Schneid
Director of Photography: Darius Khondji

Official website
The Players: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman and sundry monsters
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