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Six Days, Seven Nights movie review

Six Days, Seven Nights

It would make my forehead cringe to think of a story more simple than this: the scruffy pilot Quinn (Harrison Ford) manages to crash a small airplane in the middle of nowhere with prissy womenís magazine editor Robin (Anne Heche) as the only passenger.† The two then grumble and groan their way through 6 days and 7 nights; griping and whining at every problem they encounter (and boy, there are a few).† Meanwhile, Quinnís sluttish assistant (Jacqueline Obradors) tempts Robinís finance (David Schwimmer).

Did I mention that itís all based in tropical paradise?† Well, it is ≠ and these exotic islands come fully equipped with wild pigs, fragile mountain floors and even their own set of pirates ("You mean Arrgh?").

Movie Still: Anne Heche and Harrison Ford in Six Days, Seven Nights, Festivale movie review
Anne Heche and Harrison Ford in Six Days, Seven Nights

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Movie Still, Harrison Ford and Anne Heche in Six Days, Seven Nights, Festivale film reviews; 6days3.jpg - 5151 Bytes With much controversy surrounding the film regarding lesbian Heche giving a "straight" performance, allow me to say this: she does a much, much better job conveying a straight woman than most straight women do.† The main problem with Six Days Seven Nights does not lie in her performance, and came to think of it, nor does it with anybody elseís.† Ford, Heche, Obradors and Schwimmer all make passable if not pleasing appearances on the screen; giving a fun sense of improvisation to their roles.

What limits the film from being an inventive, rewarding feel-easy adventure is the far too loose script.† Perhaps if writer Michael Browning had been able to add more creativity to the action scenes, flesh out some of the characters and give the film a better climax, it may have been more convincing as both a romance and an adventure.

Like many poorly written mainstream films (Godzilla and Hard Rain come to mind), the script is awash with one liners ≠ ďIíd better not catch you smiling," Robin remarks when Quinnís hand is down her pants, trying to remove a snake.† Whilst often hilarious, these remarks serve as a quick joke, illustrating the fact that itís easier to create a witty remark than it is to build a genuinely funny scenario.

Perhaps director Ivan Reitmanís greatest achievement with Six Days Seven Nights was taking us on a journey to practically no where, and having fun along the way.† Having said that, the film is nothing more than some fun ≠ and although you may often find yourself laughing at it, the humour alone may just be enough to tide you over until you see a better, smarter film.

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Title: Six Days Seven Nights (1998)
Written by: Michael Browning
Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Produced by: Ivan Reitman, Wallis Nicita, Roger Birnbaum
Edited by: Sheldon Kahn, Wendy Greene Bricmont
Director of Photography: Michael Chapman

The Players: Anne Heche, Harrison Ford
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