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Blast from the Past movie review

Blast from the Past

A romantic comedy about a naive man who comes out into the world after being in a nuclear fallout shelter for 30 years.

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A classic science fiction-style 'what if', Blast from the Past tells the story of a typical (wealthy) US American family who take shelter in their Cold War backyard bunker only to return to the surface decades later into what they believe to be Post Apocalypsal USA.

Dad (Christopher Walker) and Mum (Sissy Spacek) raise their only child (played as an adult by Brendan Fraser) in their own 50s time capsule.

The Adam's childhood is idyllic in it's way, although Mum has to resort to liquid assistance to make it through. When the time comes and the automatic time lock releases, Adam goes off into the world to discover if it is safe, and to gather supplies.

Blast from the Past is an off-the-world comedy that stays true to its own reality. Brendan Fraser is wonderfully naive, as Adam, the child born and raised in isolation. Alicia Silverstone plays the worldly-wise Eve, with whom he finds love. Yes, Adam and Eve.

On the surface, its a comedy about an innocent in LaLa Land, filled with gags and some pretty spectacular jive dancing. Underneath, this film shows us how we have changed, and how much we have lost in our ability to treat each other, and our lives with respect and good humour.

A fun film.

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scheduled for Australian release February 1999 rescheduled to July, 1999
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For credits and official site details, click here.
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Just the facts:

Title: Blast from the Past (1999)
Written by: Bill Kelly, Hugh Wilson
Directed by: Hugh Wilson
Produced by: Renny Harlin, Mary Kane (co-producer), Sunil Perkash (executive), Amanda Stern (executive), Hugh Wilson
Edited by:
Director of Photography:
running time: 112 minutes
rating: M

The Players: Scott Thomson .... Junkie
Dave Foley .... Troy
Brendan Fraser .... Adam Webber
Deborah Kellner .... Miss Sweet
Alicia Silverstone .... Eve Rustikov
Sissy Spacek .... Helen Webber
Christopher Walken .... Calvin Webber
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