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Issue: Winter 2000

Frequency movie review

I can't change ... I wish I could.

No, it's that you won't change.

John Sullivan is a cop. His partner is an old friend of his late father, Frank, a fireman who died on the job.

Sullivan lives in his parent's old house. He is closed off and just at the end of a relationship. His life is dark, but overhead, just as in the days before his father's death, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) appears.

What is it about this phenomenon, what kids of interference and distortions does it cause?

Back in Frank Sullivan's time, Aurora Borealis is connecting ham radio operators like Frank a chance to talk with stations they have never connected with before. In 1999, John and his long-time best friend and neighbour Gordo reassemble the radio to show Gordo's son. And somehow, inexplicably, Frank and John are in touch once again.

Movie poster, Frequency; Festivale film review

Movie poster, Frequency
What would you do if you could change the past?

Now John has a chance to change his own history -- he is talking with his father in time to warn him against the heroics that killed him. Will he say anything, and if he does what will the consequences of changing the past be?

movie still; Frequency; Festivale film review; 534x229

Frequency is in the best traditions of storytelling, it has many different layers. It is a time-travel story, in that two characters are interacting across time and dealing with the issue of multiple possible futures. It is a story about a father and his son and how they reach out to one another, and it is a murder-mystery story about a serial killer who also threatens the futures of the two men and the woman they both love -- John's mother.

Well-paced, thoughtful and unafraid to give the hero, John some darkness, Frequency is well-worth the movie-watcher's time.

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by Ali Kayn
Due for Australian release 3 Aug 2000
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Just the facts:

Title: Frequency(2000)
Written by: Toby Emmerich
Directed by: Gregory Hoblit
running time: 118 mins
rating: M

The Players: Denis Quaid, James Caviezel, Shawn Doyle, Andre Braugher, Elizabeth Mitchell, Noah Emmerich

Official website:
IMDb entry

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