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The Mummy Returns movie review

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Many people thought that when poor old Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) met with the 'warm liquid goo phase at the end of The Mummy, that his career as a rampaging monster intent on ruling the world was over. Well, let me tell you that not since Bobby Ewings return to Dallas have we seen a bigger comeback.

Unearthed by a party of treasure hunters with more than treasure on their minds, the body of Imhotep is back, and this time things are worse.

In the ten years that have passed since the original film, Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) have married, had a child, and set up camp in London. Unfortunately, their desire to look for ancient Egyptian relics has strengthened, and we find them getting into deep water while on the hunt for The Scorpion King.

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Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) compares dental work with an old friend.

Where The Mummy was an action/adventure with comic elements thrown in, The Mummy Returns has far more comedy in both the dialogue and the special effects, some of it (especially in the air) is very funny indeed. This input of more humour makes the film very light-hearted whilst still containing a suitable number of Mummy-induced frights.

The cast list has grown too, and they are all good inclusions. This is especially true of the O'Connell's son Alex (Freddie Boath), who unlike a few child actors of late is actually likeable. John Hannah returns as pesky old Jonathan, but as the movie progressed, his characters actions and attitude reminded me of Daffy Duck when he was after the Genie's gold. Vosloo again is perfect as the creature who, understandably, is fuming with the O'Connell family, and is out to settle a few scores along the way.

It was also good to see WWF wrestler Dwayne Johnson strutting his stuff as The Scorpion King. As is obvious when watching The Rock at a wrestling match, Johnson can definitely act, and will have an opportunity to further prove so when The Scorpion King is released around Christmas/New Year.

From the opening sequence to the end of the film, The Mummy Returns is spectacular. Good cast, good acting, and great special effects make it a must see. In fact, the only thing missing from the film was Benny!

Ali says:
They're back! Yes, the librarian and the rougish adventurer are married, but far from settled down in their latest escapade.

The Mummy Returns has all the gloss of a US big budget film, but the familiar wit is still there. Eve is glorious, even better now with ten years of experience and self-confidence under her belt. In this episode she has left behind the skirts to stride forth unencumbered. Rick is as charming as ever, and as parents the two are everything we ever wanted from our own -- wealthy, loving, adventurous, protective and not too supervisory.

Jonathan, of course, is as much trouble as ever, possibly the weakest-written of the roles.

As for the heroes and villains, The Mummy Returns is the ultimate chick flick, peopled with strong, proactive heroines and villains (male and female), and what a feast for the eyes. Spunks in every direction. Yes, see it in the cinemas, buy it in the shops. OK so it's not high art, but high fun is just as important.

Ali Kayn.

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Due for Australian release May, 2001
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