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Romeo Must Die movie review

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Romeo Must Die

Martial Arts action man Jet Li plays an ex-cop who escapes from a Chinese prison after his brother is killed in US-based gang fighting.

Romeo must Die is, you guessed it, a modern-day reworking of the old Boy and Girl from warring families story. In this case, he is the son of a Chinese crime leader, and she is the daughter of a Black crime leader. Both have rejected their parents' lives of crime, but are embroiled in a dangerous, fast packed investigation into a rash of gang-related deaths.

Raised from the average by the charm of the leads, especially Jet Li.

Movie Poster, Romeo Must Die, Festivale film review section
Movie Poster, Romeo Must Die
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Just the facts:

Title: Romeo Must Die (2000)
Written by: Mitchell Kapner (story), Eric Bernt and John Jarrell (screenplay)
Directed by: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Produced by: Warren Carr (co-producer) Dan Cracchiolo (executive producer) Mitchell Kapner (associate producer) Ilyse A. Reutlinger (associate producer) Joel Silver (producer) Jim Van Wyck (producer)
Edited by: Derek Brechin (as Derek G. Brechin)
Director of Photography: Glen MacPherson
running time:

The Players: Jet Li, Aaliyah,
Official website:
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