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Issue: Autumn 2016

Murder The Complete Series (2016) DVD review

Murder in Their Own Words

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dvd cover, Murder The Complete Series, Free copies to give away; 400x529

DVD cover, Murder The Complete Series

BBC's BAFTA Award winning 4-part series, MURDER, throws a stark and unsettling light on four separate cases titled Joint Enterprise, The Third Voice, Lost Weekend and The Big Bang. Rich in forensic and psychological detail, with a unique depth of characterisation, each of the films pick apart a murder in all its terrible complexity, hearing the story from every angle and casting the viewer as a jury-member forced to decide on guilt and innocence.

Mixing techniques of documentary with the power, invention and breathtaking visuals of drama, these haunting and graphic 'whodunits' live long in the mind.

There is something about the Brits at the top of their game that is hard to beat. Murder is a Touchpaper production made for the BBC. In four separate stories, writer Robert Jones presents a murder mystery told in the first-person directly to camera (breaking the fourth wall) by suspects, witnesses, the police and legal practitioners.

The characters are not required to tell the truth, they wouldn't if they were talking directly to us, but through their versions of the story we begin to understand their stories and their motivations.

Murder is presented in a variety of forms. We see visualisations of what they are describing as selfies, CCTV, realistic portrayals and so on. The result is the feeling that these are retellings and recreations of actual events.

The performances, and the little details of their environments and characterisations are compelling. Kudos to all the film-makers. Murder is moody and slightly disturbing. It draws the audience into its own reality, and in the end of each episode, it satisfyingly reveals the 'truth' of the murder.

A must-see piece of the crime genre.

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by Ali Kayn
Australian release 01 June 2016
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Just the facts:

Title: Murder The Complete Series (2016)
Written by: Robert Jones
Directed by: Birger Larsen
Running time: 4 episodes
Rating: MA 15+

The Players: Karla Crome, Sebastian Armesto,

Official website:
IMDb entry

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