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Help on Searching

You can search through Festivale using our site search form. It appears on many different pages, and on our search page.

You can use Festivale as a starting point for searching through the web, by using our search pages.

Different search engines use different criteria, some read keywords and descriptions typed in by the webmasters (which can sometimes be faked); some read a single file in a site, some read entire sites. As to the order in which sites appear, some engines display them in date order, some in 'relevancy' based, often, on the number of times the actual word you searched for appears in the documents.

If you are searching, looking through more than one search engine gives you the best results.

To save you time, we have collected a number of entry forms from different engines and created a couple of pages of search engines. Try going to our search page and entering the same criteria into different entry forms. You will get different results from each engine.

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