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Hot off the Presses

Each week media releases arrive in my post office box (and e-mail box), here are some of the items.

Please e-mail me if you think this will be useful, if I don't get enough response, this section will be discontinued in November.

New GroupMaster Rescues Email List Subscribers, Offers Virtual Addressing for List Hosters HUNTSVILLE, AL -- October 2, 1997 (INB) -- Revnet Systems today introduced GroupMaster 1.4, a new version of its web-based email list management system for Windows NT. The upgrade introduces a unique Member Control Panel, where subscribers can quickly unjoin a group or access membership settings, and gives list managers control over where email messages appear to originate.


Walter Thames, Revnet Systems

ST. PAUL, MN -- October 2, 1997 (INB)

Digital-Net Launches High-End Commerce Web Site (www.couragecards.org) for Courage Center's Holiday Cards (Courage Cards) Catalogue. Net presence permits non-profit Courage Center to sell, print, and fulfill their regionally popular Courage Cards through the World Wide Web.


info@digital-net.com http://www.digital-net.com

NEW YORK -- October 1, 1997 (INB) -- There's a new fund to encourage innovative content development for the World Wide Web.

Sponsored by WebLab in association with PBS ONLINE, the fund will underwrite independent projects that promise to seek fresh perspectives on complex issues.

Guidelines for the new initiative, called the Web Development Fund, are available online at: www.pbs.org/weblab with a November 2, 1997 deadline for proposals. The fund will seek proposals for projects that make imaginative use of the Web and its capabilities as an interactive, participatory medium to explore both personal and public issues in new ways.

suzannes@pov.org http://www.pbs.org/weblab

PLANO, USA -- October 1, 1997 (INB) -- Red Alert announced the general availability of its Network Gateway Monitoring service for webmasters globally.

"With Red Alert and its Enhanced Services, such as Network Gateway Monitoring, we are able to automatically and effectively monitor and troubleshoot our web servers and networks - and even those of our backbone carriers. Red Alert is an excellent service and an even better value," says John Bourgeois, President and CEO, inturnet, inc.

"Red Alert's Network Gateway Monitoring service distinguishes between problems local to a device, and connectivity problems of a larger scope, such as an ISP or backbone outage or degradation," says Mike Martin, CEO of Internet Resources Group.


MELBOURNE Wed, 1 Oct 97 09:53:11 (HP)

Hewlett-Packard announced today it is shipping the industry's first full-functional CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) drive that is as simple to use and universally accepted as the conventional floppy-disk drive, with the qualities of a higly durable compact disc and backed up by Hewlett-Packard's assurance of reliability.

The HP SureStore CD-Writer Plus drive, available now through resellers, distributors and retailers, provides business and home users with up to 650MB of rewritable, removable capacity while retaining compatibility with scores of millions of CD's in use today.

HP CD-RW and CD-R media allows business PC users to create or download large files, such as presentations and complex documents, and transport them to and from the office. Home PC users can use CD-RW to download graphics-intensive Internet files for off-line use or as a temporary repository. HP CD-RW media is compatible with any CD-ReWritable drive. HP CD-R media is also compatible with any CD-ReWritable drive, as well as HP's or any other manufacurer's CD-Recordable drive.

If we had an award category "Object of Editor's Lust" this drive would win it.

Contact 131347 (Australia) toll-free

KALAMAZOO, MI -- SEPTEMBER 30, 1997 (INB) -- With one in five useful web pages changing every day, you may be missing more than you think.

If your job includes monitoring the web - watching a list of pages on many different sites - then javElink can make your life a lot easier.

javElink is a service that lets anyone monitor hundreds or eventhousands of web pages efficiently. Simply make a list of pages you want to monitor in your password-protected account. Daily, javElink checks those pages for change, highlights recent changes, and stores the history for your review.


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (September 29, 1997) -- Netscape Communications Corporation

(NASDAQ: NSCP) previewed today next-generation client software technology currently under development for integrating information from the Internet and the desktop.

Code-named "Aurora," this future component of Netscape Communicator will provide a single easy-to-use interface for users that seamlessly integrates and manages information from multiple sources - from Web sites and push channels to personal bookmarks and email, from legacy databases to office documents and local desktop files - without requiring an expensive operating system upgrade. "Aurora," which will run across all popular application platforms and takes advantage of an emerging standard framework for metadata called RDF (Resource Description Framework). RDF provides a single mechanism for organizing, describing and navigating information on Web sites.

LOS ANGELES -- September 29, 1997 (INB) --

50WEBMASTERS.COM is currently conducting a world-wide search for the TOP 50 webmasters on the Internet.

50WEBMASTERS.COM is the brainchild of Jennifer Moss and Mallory Lubofsky, successful web designers and promoters of high-traffic sites, including BABYNAMES.COM, KNOWLEDGEWORKERS.COM and the upcoming UNIXSYSADMIN.COM.

The site will include a listing of the Top 50 webmasters, employment listings, an exclusive message board, industry news and "sage advice" for the Internet development community.


NEW YORK -- September 29, 1997 (INB) -- The STOCK PHOTO DESKBOOK, a comprehensive, editorially driven reference book listing all known sources of stock photography, has been set up on the web by its publisher, The Exeter Company, Inc.

The STOCK PHOTO DESKBOOK is the most extensive directory of its kind. Stock Photographic Agencies, Individual Sources, Government and Business Sources, Museum Sources, Media Sources, Picture Researchers and Foreign Sources are all listed with their contact information and subject specialties. No source is required to pay for a basic listing.

The STOCK PHOTO DESKBOOK website includes a powerfulsearch engine where users can locate sources of stock images by classification, category, source or zipcode. In addition, interactive pages permit sources to request additions or revisions of their data.

"The site will be continually updated," according to Stephen Goller, Managing Director, "and we will no longer have to wait for the new hard copy edition of the STOCK PHOTO DESKBOOK to have changes noted."


CATONSVILLE, MD -- September 29, 1997 (INB) --

Pagecount, the Internet's first free statistical counter, announces the passage of 2 million hits per day. Pagecount provides a comprehensive graphic and numeric analysis of Web page traffic that enables Web page hosts to analyze how their pages are being viewed.

Pagecount improves Web page effectiveness by enabling businesses and individuals to quickly discern use patterns of their Web pages according to number of hits, visitor origination, operating systems and browsers, and other key visitor information. Pagecount's free statistical service even provides the host names of the 100 most recent Web page visitors. Pagecount statistics for an individual Web page are automatically updated and available 24 hours a day. In addition, all Web page statistics are password-protected for the Pagecount customer.

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