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Hot off the Presses

Each week media releases arrive in my post office box (and e-mail box), here are some of the items.

Please e-mail me if you think this will be useful, if I don't get enough response, this section will be discontinued in November.

New York/Hong Kong -- December 3, 1997 (INB) -- For a limited time, Investor's Diary is offering free syndication of it's long-term investment column to print and online publications.

Previously available only on the Investor's Diary web site, the column is written by Phillip Chu, a Hong Kong-based investor who focuses on sophisticated long-term investment strategies. Chu has owned and invested significantly in companies in the U.S. and Asia, and has a proven investment track record. CONTACT:

Phillip Chu

Investor's Diary

Washington, DC -- December 3, 1997 (INB)
Delivering the thrill of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games to classrooms around the world, the U.S. Olympic PBS Cyber School Powered by IBM will be previewed today at the Focus on Children Internet/Online Summit. The summit is being held in Washington, D.C., December 1-3.
Designed to improve science, math and social studies skills for fourth through eighth graders, the site will offer a variety of interactive educational challenges based on three events at the Olympic Winter Games -- downhill skiing, singles figure skating and snowboarding. Students will use event results and information found elsewhere on the Web to cross each challenge's finish line. Some challenges can be completed by one student, while others require collaborative effort.
The Web site (www.ibm.pbscyberschool.org) launches January 15.

LONDON -- December 2, 1997 (INB) -- Why is it that the infamous Christmas lights in London nowadays look like second-rate left-overs from a cheap 1970s fairground? The Royal Institute of British Architects Journal (RIBAJ) and the Museum of London think that the Christmas lights should reflect London¹s status as a capital and world class city, and have commissioned ten of Britain’s best architects to design alternatives to illuminate a stretch of Oxford Street. A number of these designs are on display at the Museum's website (http://www.museum-london.org.uk) and at the Museum of London from 25 November 1997 until 4 January 1998.

PLANO, USA -- October 1, 1997 (INB) -- Red Alert announced the general availability of its Network Gateway Monitoring service for webmasters globally.

"With Red Alert and its Enhanced Services, such as Network Gateway Monitoring, we are able to automatically and effectively monitor and troubleshoot our web servers and networks - and even those of our backbone carriers. Red Alert is an excellent service and an even better value," says John Bourgeois, President and CEO, inturnet, inc.

"Red Alert's Network Gateway Monitoring service distinguishes between problems local to a device, and connectivity problems of a larger scope, such as an ISP or backbone outage or degradation," says Mike Martin, CEO of Internet Resources Group.


MELBOURNE Wed, 1 Oct 97 09:53:11 (HP)

Hewlett-Packard announced today it is shipping the industry's first full-functional CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) drive that is as simple to use and universally accepted as the conventional floppy-disk drive, with the qualities of a higly durable compact disc and backed up by Hewlett-Packard's assurance of reliability.

The HP SureStore CD-Writer Plus drive, available now through resellers, distributors and retailers, provides business and home users with up to 650MB of rewritable, removable capacity while retaining compatibility with scores of millions of CD's in use today.

HP CD-RW and CD-R media allows business PC users to create or download large files, such as presentations and complex documents, and transport them to and from the office. Home PC users can use CD-RW to download graphics-intensive Internet files for off-line use or as a temporary repository. HP CD-RW media is compatible with any CD-ReWritable drive. HP CD-R media is also compatible with any CD-ReWritable drive, as well as HP's or any other manufacurer's CD-Recordable drive.

If we had an award category "Object of Editor's Lust" this drive would win it.

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