Bibliography of Rhys Hughes, July 2014

The Percolated Stars (2003)
Engelbrecht Again! (Dead Letter Press; October 2008)
Mister Gum (Dog Horn Publishing; 2009)
Twisthorn Bellow (Atomic Fez Publishing; March 2010)
The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange (May 2013)
The Young Dictator (Pillar International Publishing; October 2013)

Eyelidiad (1996)
Rawhead & Bloody Bones (1998)
Elusive Plato (1998)
The Crystal Cosmos (PS Publishing; December 2007)
The Coand? Effect (Ex Occidente Press; November 2010)
The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers (Gloomy Seahorse Press; 2014)

Worming the Harpy (Tartarus Press, 1995)
The Smell of Telescopes (Tartarus Press, 2000)
Stories from a Lost Anthology (Tartarus Press, 2002)
Nowhere Near Milk Wood (2002)
Journeys Beyond Advice (2002)
A New Universal History of Infamy (2004)
At the Molehills of Madness (2006)
The Less Lonely Planet (Humdrumming, Ltd.; May 2008)
The Postmodern Mariner (Screaming Dreams; June 2008)
The Brothel Creeper (Gray Friar Press; March 2011)
Link Arms With Toads! (Chômu Press; May 2011)
Sangria in the Sangraal (Ex Occidente Press; November 2011)
The Truth Spinner (Wildside Press;2012)
Tallest Stories (Eibonvale Press; January 2013)
The Just Not So Stories (Exaggerated Press; October 2013)
More Than a Feline (Gloomy Seahorse Press; December 2013)
Flash in the Pantheon (Gloomy Seahorse Press; 2014)
Rhysop's Fables (Gloomy Seahorse Press; 2014)
The Lunar Tickle (Dog Horn Publishing, 2014)

The Gloomy Seahorse (Gloomy Seahorse Press; 2014)

Better the Devil (2010)
The Astral Disruptor (2010)
The Phantom Festival (2011)
Scamps of Disorder (2011)
The Tellmenow Isitsöornot (2011)
The Polo Match (2011)
Young Tales of the Old Cosmos (2011)
The World Idiot (2011)
Facets of Faraway (2012)
The Mermaid Variations (2012)
Ten Tributes to Calvino (2012)