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Rod Labbe

answers the Usual Questions

Writes author Rod Labbe, "Here are my answers. I thought this was a silly interview. What's the point?"

Has your interaction with fans, for example, at conventions, affected your work?

I've never attended a convention, so I can't answer the question.

Is there any particular incident (a letter, a meeting, a comment that stands out?

I don't understand the question. A particular incident or letter that stands out? Stands out from what? This is unclear.

Do you have a favourite author or book (or writer or film or series) that has influenced you or that you return to?

My favorite modern-day author is Robert McCammon. They Thirst is an incredible novel, but my favorite of his is Boys Life. For classic works, Bram Stoker's Dracula just can't be beat. I've read it many, many times.

Who is the person you would most like to be trapped in a lift with? or a spaceship?

Stupid question. I thought this was supposed to be about writing.

Who is the person you would most DISlike to be trapped in a lift with? Or a spaceship?

Again, a stupid question.

What would you pack for space? (Is there a food, beverage, book, teddy bear, etc that you couldn't do without?)

Stupid question.

What is the most important thing you would like to get/achieve from your work?

Personal satisfaction.

What is the special satisfaction of your work?

No answer.

submitted by Rod Labbe

23 August 2014

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