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Death in the Internet Café

(page 5)

Festivale thanks the Melbourne Sisters in Crime for allowing us to reprint the text from their presentation.

Active in most states of Australia, Sisters in Crime is an organisation of writers, would-be writers and readers who meet to discuss the crime/mystery genre and the real life equivalent. The guest speaker at the Melbourne meeting is real-life Private Investigator Elizabeth Wilde (see Events for details).

Male members (if you'll excuse the expression) are welcome, and are known as Brothers-in-Law.

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Further reading on women, crime and computer technology:

Linda Grant: Random Access Murder; Love Nor Money; Blind Trust; A Woman's Place.

Denise Danks: Frame Grabber.

Julie Smith, New Orleans Beat.

Sandra Scoppettone: Everything You Have is Mine.

Lia Matera: Face Value.

Marele Day: The Life And Crimes of Harry Lavender.

Patricia Cornwell, Postmortem. (Some of her other books also have a computer theme.)

Some Internet Crime Sites

Sisters in Crime

Discussion Groups

DOROTHYL: To subscribe, e-mail DOROTHYL@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU and, for the subject heading, type "SUBSCRIBE DOROTHYL" (nothing else). DOROTHYL will contact you back and then put you on the mailing list for the DOROTHYL daily digest.

Gaslight: To subscribe, e-mail mailserv@mtroyal.ab.ca

Mystery: To subscribe, e-mail

Mystery groups

For further information, http://www.slipnet/~cluelass/Groups.html

Electronic Magazines & Home Pages of Crime Magazines

Mysterious Women, A Quarterly Magazine for Fans of Women Mystery Writers:

The Mystery Zone: http://www.mindspring.com/~walter/mystzone.html

Tangled Web UK:
http://www.the net.co.uk/~hickafric/tangled-web.html

Over My Dead Body, The Mystery Magazine and BBS: http://emporium.turnpike.net/~mystery/omdb.htm

The Magnifying Glass Mystery Newsletter: http://emporium.turnpike.net/~mystery/tmg.html

These materials were originally presented by Sisters in Crime at the St Kilda Writers Festival and printed in the Sisters in Crime Newsletter. Reprinted with permission. For all permissions regarding the use or reproduction of these materials, please contact:

Sisters in Crime, Box 5319BB, MELBOURNE GPO VIC 3001.

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