Starring on your PC - Marilyn Monroe one of the most recognisable icons of the cinema.

Note: this product may no longer be available, but we like the CD and the book, so the review will be here awhile. It was Marilyn Monroe's special gift that she could make love to the cold eye of the camera, and this is her story, told by the camera, and the man behind the lens.

Based on Susan Bernard's book of the same name this title is copiously illustrated with her father, Bruno Bernard's photographs of Marilyn. Bernard, a prominent Hollywood photographer was one of the first for whom Marilyn modelled. Through more than 100 of Bernard's photographs and excerpts from his journal, we can watch Marilyn's metamorphosis from the girl-next-door model to the platinum-blonde, vulnerable sex-pot.

In some ways, Marilyn Monroe was the greatest role that Norma Jean Baker ever played. This CD, traces Marilyn's history from her troubled past as the illegitimate Norma Jean, shunted between foster homes, through to her controversial death in 1962. Most of the journal entries are narrated, but you can choose to read the text on-screen, with or without an accompanying soundtrack.

Although the journal and the news clips tell of Marilyn's problems, the photographs show her at her best. I was fascinated by the news footage, including a clip of Marilyn singing to the troops in Korea - a performance that resulted in pneumonia.

The CD includes trivia, a complete filmography and a hyper-linked time line, giving you a variety of ways to browse through the contents. There is an auto-play function if you just want to lean back, listen, and watch the pictures. If you like, you can use the CD images as a screen saver.

Despite the overt subject being Marilyn, this is very much a homage by Bernard's daughter. Included on the CD is a biography of the photographer. A sister title from Corel is Hollywood Pinups, based again on the books of Susan Bernard (Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads), and the photography of Bruno Bernard.

Both titles include trivia games and contain both the English and German language versions, and are suitable for Windows PCs or Macs. They are part of Corel Corporation's CD Home range.

- by Ali Kayn

Product nameBernard of Hollywood's Marilyn (CD)


Corel Corporation (Corel CD Home)


LanguageEnglish, German
Operating SystemMac, Windows
Rec. Retail Price$49
Release MediaCD
Target audience general

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