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Learning WINDOWS® 95

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This CD provides a good, easy to use, basic introduction to Windows® 95. When I first put it in the drive I knew next to nothing about the new-fangled operating system somebody else had loaded on to my machine. About four hours later I'd worked through the seven 'projects'. The CD had helped me customise the wallpaper and screen saver on my desktop and set up the shortcuts I needed. I then replaced the tutorial Cd with an audio CD and wrote this review.

The user interface of Learning Windows® 95 is simple and excellent. The program has nine major sections each with an introduction and a menu. In all cases but one the section delivered what its introduction promised. The omission was minor and most Windows 3.1 users know how to use the Calculator anyway!

The examples provided are, in most cases, very easy to follow and true to what actually happens. You can jump to Windows® 95 at any time to experiment. When you return to Learning Windows ®95 the CD continues where it left off. Unfortunately the example documents used in 'Staying Organised' were left off the disc!

Learning WINDOWS® 95 installs very easily, complete with a shortcut icon. This is a nice feature in software aimed at PC users with little or no Windows® 95 exposure.

A unique feature is the JIT button. Named after the writers of the software, this activates a simple help package which gives the user the choice of reading about their query or watching the relevant bit of multimedia presentation. This help package is far simpler (though much less complete) than the Windows help. Another great feature is the tips and shortcuts provided at many points.

In summary this CD is a very good general introduction to Windows® 95. It won't make you an expert but it will give you the confidence to explore further.

Guy Matters

Product nameLearning WINDOWS® 95
Version/ReleaseNone Shown
Operating SystemWindows® 3.1 or Windows® 95
Rec. Retail Price
Release MediaCD-ROM
System requirementsWindows 3.1, MS-DOS 5.0

IBM compatible 486 33 PC with 8meg ram 640x480x256 colour graphics.

2x CD player, 8 bit Sound blaster or 100% compatible.

Target audience (for kids, age)New Windows® 95 users




Very Good


Ease of UseX
Value for Money?
Satisfies Functional ExpectationsX
Continuing InterestX
Target audience

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