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Where to begin?

Winebase for Windows is "Cellar Management and Wine Reference Software". Does that help?

Ever wonder what wine to buy? When to drink it? When to throw it away? When to give it away?

Are you a collector, a serious collector, a restaurant, a wine merchant, or a serious drinker? Or like me, a non-drinker who occasionally buys, serves, and receives wines as 'gifts'?

Well, this is the product for you.

Winebase enables those with cellars to keep track of what wines they have, when they are best imbibed, and even what they are theoretically worth. It comes with Robin Bradley's Goldbook (Australian and New Zealand Wine Vintages 14th edition and USA Wine Vintages 1st edition), and a database of wines and wine-growing regions. Chances are if you buy a wine it will be in the database already (you can add your own varieties, wineries and vintages). The Goldbook can give you its current value and quality, the Winebase database can show you where the winery is (in case you would like to go and visit it, for example).

You can get graphical reporting of the patterns of your wine ownership. For example, do you have a dry three-year period when none of your wines will be at their best? Wine buffs may find that Winebase will help find gaps in their purchase whatever their strategy is.

I use Winebase to tell me what wine to look for when I'm buying. As a non-drinker (allergic to chocolate and alcohol -- send flowers or computer hardware instead) I can't rely on my own likes and dislikes when purchasing wines. This is the reason I need it.

I bought a copy for friends as a wedding gift (they were married at a winery, so you can imagine who serious they are about grog). As a gift itself Winebase is excellent, and was well-received.

The latest version of Winebase has extended data fields, the graphics have been integrated, and you can now use Winebase to compile your shopping list. Annotations can be exported as text files, including HTML.

The developer of Winebase, Ken Tripp, created the product in response to a user's needs. He continues to develop Winebase with a strong eye and ear to his users and with a firm commitment to user documentation. All these things endear the product to me. And I can relate to the fact that you don't install Winebase: you decant it.

So, surf on over to the Winebase site and say Hi! to Ken. There's plenty more information about Winebase over there.

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