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This is one of the latest products to come out of Sausage Software the people who brought you Hot Dog.

Now, I can't take advantage of this because I can't get cooperation from my service provider, but most of you people should be able to get eVend up and going in a couple of days.

Basically, you can sell web content without setting up anything more than a credit card of your own. The system charges the purchaser and pays you (less commission).

It was relatively easy to set up, although we did have a couple of problems getting the code to install exactly where I wanted it on the site.

The technical support people were very quick to respond, and most helpful.

For a dummy run (I've deactivate the code for the moment), with more information about eVend, go to my Virtual Virtual postcards sales pitch.

For information about this product, contact Sausage Software


To check out eVendors sites, click here.

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