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I found Crayola was easy to use and fun to work with. It has lots of things like decorations, over 80 colours of crayons, and it's like the real thing., and worth every cent of Mum and Dad's money. It is aimed at kids and is good for maybe, primary school kids. I like it because of what it can do, like make big pictures or little tiny pictures, and you have a lot of stickers and stamps to play with.

Everything is easy to use and if you don't know what anything does Crayola tells you, like getting help, turning off and on sound, and how to work the factory. It also tells you the name of the colours. Everything draws and sounds like it should. I would like to get more Crayola stuff, including the real things.

Alex Keher

sample images by Alex and Tara

Scores: 100,000,000,00/100,000,000,00 (10/10)

 Visit their web site at http//www.us.pc.ibm.com/multimedi/

Product Name Print Factory
Publisher IBM Crayola
Version/ Release  
Language English
Operating System PC

Windows 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95


System 7 or later

Rec. Retail Price $79.95
Release Media CD ROM
System Requirements PC

486/33MHz PC processor or faster

8MB RAM or higher

Double-speed CD-ROM drive or better

19MB of Hard Drive

Windows compatible sound card

SVGA monitor(640x480, 256 colours)

Microsoft compatible mouse


68040 required (Performa 575 or greater)

8MB RAM or higher

Double-speed CD-ROM drive or better

19MB of Hard Drive

monitor 640x480, 256 colours

Target Audience Kids 5 to 10

Documentation X        
Ease of Use         X
Value for Money         X
Satisfies functional Expectations     X    
Continuing Interest       X  
Graphics         X
Organization     X    

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