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Age of Empires, Microsoft


How will you rule the world? Conquer enemy civilizations? Discover the world's secrets? Accumulate wealth? As the guiding spirit of a Stone Age tribe, follow one of these paths to build the greatest civilization on earth. Age of Empires: choose your favorite form of world domination.


It's a easy game play, navigation around the scene has been made simple, to see where your people are and to see were you stand with the other players in the scenario, (if you have explored that part of the game board). The game behaves as I thought it would with moveable characters in it, point click and then click on what you want them to do or go, easy.

Value for money? Simple answer is 'YES'. Thatís if you are single or have a very good understanding partner. It's additive and I found once you started a game you have to finish it.

The game is not aimed at people who like the interactive destroy everything in sight with the biggest and great weaponry available to man type game. This is a game that you have to 'Think', about you are going to do and were you are going to do it, all the time or you're people are dead.

The main thing that makes this game stand out from other alike and similar games to it (that I have played) is the graphics, there more life like and true too form (closer to the real thing). The design of the interface between the player and the game is simple, and makes it easy to drive the game. But the worst thing is how you have close out of the game.

This game is aimed at any young inspiring dictators, as this is a good advantage in some of the scenarios and games where that is one of the objectives, but if you can't make same political ties with other cultures that my be your down fall.

Basically, this is a brilliantly presented game, with great graphics. For there size real depicted that they are meant to be. In the campaign mode the different scenarios try to follow history in all the possible out comes, (so pick the right side). In the random mode, watch your back. This game will fill in and devour many hours of any computer divorcees time. With out them even knowing it. Truly at great path in the development of ones mind in the obtaining world domination in the 'Old World'.

Trev Keher

Product Name:

Age of Empires


Developed by, Ensemble Studios Corp. for Microsoft





Operating System:

Released for Windows 95, Windows NT 4, with Service Pack 3

Rec. Retail Price:


Release Media:


System Requirements

Windows 95

Windows NT 4


16 MB

24 MB

Hard Disk Space:

80 MB and

50 MB for swap file


Double Speed for game play

Quad speed for cinematic vision

Video Display:

Local bus SVGA with 1MB VRAM


Microsoft compatible

Sound Card:


28.8Kbps for head to head play.

Target audience:

Classified 'General', (8 yrs and over)

Possibly targeted at 14 yrs and over. Any one that can or the time to sit down and think for a few hours.














Ease of Use:






Value for Money:






Satisfies Functional Expectations:






Continuing interest:


















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