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Corel Office 2000

Our reviewers will be updating this page as they evaluate the beta and GA versions. GA is the final release version sold to end-users, what Ali likes to call "the gamma test phase".

This page will continue to be updated until we have reviewed the final release version of the software.

Corel Office 2000 beta is being sent to us in the first week of December.

Information about the beta version is available on the Corel site.

In preparation for this new version, Chris Clarke is preparing a couple of items about the current incarnation.

Corel Office Suite 8 Revisited

I performed a full installation of the suite which went without a hitch, but it took about 40 minutes and around 139 Mb which seems to be the norm these days. Especially as I did a full install. Taking the minimalist approach will cut down on these figures down dramatically.

In WordPerfect the utility that struck me as most useful was the exportation of text documents to the web. I'd been hearing about exporting documents to HTML for months now and couldn't wait to give it a try.

wpwin803.gif - 17732 Bytes
Unfortunately in our test, the merged cells did not appear correctly because the colspan WIDTHs were not correcly calculated

wpwin801.gif - 18492 Bytes

Starting up WordPerfect was relatively hassle free, (apart from a Windows 95 hiccup), so I started creating a simple text document with a couple of images thrown in for good measure. Add a little formatting and I was ready to transform it into a HTML document. (Sounds like a recipe; stir in two eggs and beat repeatedly)

This utility is a great idea for those of you who wish to transfer onto the Internet documents you have already sitting on your hard drives. The utility performs in a matter of seconds what could take an hour or two to duplicate in HTML. It's especially handy if your sick and tired of editing a single document and distributing it to everyone in your office every few days.

To make a normal document into a web document it was a simple matter of selecting out two menu options or hitting two of the tool buttons. During the conversion WordPerfect notified me that the formatting does not always carry over to the HTML from the document.

Upon examining my new HTML document I saw that it did indeed lose something in the translation. So to get a satisfactory result it may be necessary to tweak the HTML document itself or use an editor.

My pet peeve about this utility is that the images are saved under the HTML document name with a counter against the name, e.g.,., documentname{image1} etc. This can make editing the images a little annoying because you may have to open several images before you find the one you want. The main advantage is that it does the majority of the work for you.

The main disadvantage is that may need some HTML skills or a HTML editor to create a professional looking document. On the whole I found it quite a useful feature, but be warned it may not be the solution to all your problems, a knowledge of HTML or a HTML editor would be useful.

For the usual statistics and gradings, see below.

Chris Clarke.

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Corel WordPerfect Office Suite 8
Product name Corel WordPerfect Suite 8
Publisher Corel
Version/Release 8
Language English
Operating System Windows 95 NT 4.0
Rec. Retail Price
Release Media CD
System requirements 486/66, 16MB RAM, 50MB HD (minimum install), CD-ROM drive, VGA monitor, mouse or tablet
Target audience All

Corel WordPerfect Office Suite 8
Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent


Ease of Use


Value for Money


Satisfies Functional Expectations


Continuing Interest






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