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I was first introduced to the Eudora range by my providers, Mira. they recommended that switching to Eudora Light from Microsoft Mail would quiet my whinging. Okay, you've probably heard my famous saying, "Free software is worth what you pay for it". However, Eudora Light is one of those entry-level programs that gives you a quick, efficient, stable product for zip. So why use Eudora Pro? Why, you ask? Pay for it?

Eudora Pro supports multiple personailities. Not a psychiatric condition, but rather the recommended configuration for people who trawl the chat rooms looking for conversation and like-er-minds. That is, the people who are in-the-know, recommend that you keep your personal e-mail identity for the people you really know, and use a freebie account, like those run by yahoo, to chat with people and contribute to news groups. This enables you to shut down an e-mail connection if you start receiving unwanted attention.

And you could have another account for work, perhaps you could be a cyber-household where members of the family have their own account, but not their own machines/modems. For cyber-parents with cyber-kids, you may find more peace of mind pulling down the kids e-mail and checking it for undesirables.

With Eduroa Pro, you can set up a personality for each e-mail account, and you can send and receive mail for each of those accounts, automatically filtered into different folders based on a wide range of criteria, all from one phone call. the latest version uses a task window to show you it's progress as it polls your various mail servers and uploads your mail.

Eudora Pro has the usual Windows-95-y interface, you can store your mail in folders within the product, you can create stationery (templates) which are standard mail messages, and even 'explore' the contents of your disks from within the program.

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My one major, major whinge, which I'm told I should be able to get around, and haven't been able to yet, is that the bugger won't send clean ascii documents. As a result I've lost about 10,000 hits a month (!!!!!!) because I can't use Eudora to send additions to online databases. Yes, I'm a teeny bit FRUSTRATED. It took six hours recently to manually register entries that usually would take me thirty minutes.

Another word of warning, although the program will enable you to automatically delete items of mail, I'd advise you instead to filter certain criteria to a 'discard' folder and manually check them rather than auto-delete. I had a criteria that I use to decide what is junk mail and it turned out to be included in someone's account name. Good thing I wasn't deleting them. Of course, the person involved what very pissed off that I was apparently ignoring him.

Still this is a pretty solid product and well worth the dollars.

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