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Tell Me More (Auralog) review

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Tell Me More (Auralog)

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The explore mode allows you to discover the topic of the lesson and its associated vocabulary, and to immerse yourself in the accent and intonations of your chosen language. It also allows you to become familiar with the dialogue activity.

pronouncing the responses in the Dialogue: Expression

In Dialogue: Comprehension, you answer in the same way as in Dialogue: Expression, but only one of the displayed responses is correct.

The pronunciation exercises allow you to work on sentences, words or phonemes that are causing you particular problems in the dialogue. To practise a sentence from the dialogue in the pronunciation exercises, double-click on the sentence or highlight it, then click on the right mouse button and choose Pronunciation exercise for the sentence. To practise a word from the dialogue in the pronunciation exercises, click once on the word and then on the Pronunciation icon in the toolbar or highlight it, then click on the right mouse button and choose Pronunciation exercise for the word.

In guided mode, the pronunciation exercises can only be accessed by double-clicking on the word or sentence.

The Pronunciation Index then allows you to perfect your pronunciation of the phonemes, words or sentences that appear in the dialogue. Note. In the free-to-roam mode, you can access the pronunciation exercises from either the Dialogue or Glossary, by clicking on the word or sentence with the right mouse button.

TeLL me More is based on the imitation of a pronunciation model. The software recreates a natural learning situation by offering you the possibility of listening to and repeating sounds, words and sentences as many times as you wish. In order to improve your pronunciation, you can use the animated 3D illustrations which show how phonemes are produced in the language you are studying.

If you are in free-to-roam mode, first choose the linguistic element you would like to work on - phoneme, word or sentence - and click on the corresponding icon. Then click on the arrow to the right of the list. If you are in guided mode, you have already made this choice by clicking on the square of one of the three activities: Sentence Pronunciation, Word Pronunciation or Phonetics Exercise in the Progress Chart. To modify your choice, click on one of the squares corresponding to the required activities in the Progress Chart. Note. If you choose to work on a phoneme, a list of words containing this phoneme will appear on the screen.

Waveforms and pitch curves Each sentence and word is displayed by a waveform and/or pitch curve. The waveform traces the amplitude of the voice as a function of time, while the pitch curve reproduces the frequency variations of the voice.

If you make a pronunciation error in a sentence pronunciation exercise, it will be automatically detected by TeLL me More and highlighted in red. If you wish to improve your pronunciation of the highlighted word, double-click on the word to access the word pronunciation exercise. You can also select part of the graphic display with the mouse arrow and listen to only this part of the graphic display by clicking on the loudspeaker.

TeLL me More evaluates your pronunciation on a scale of 1 to 7 (7 being the highest score), according to the difference between your pronunciation and that of the model. The score given to your recordings by TeLL me More is represented by blocks of rectangles. One rectangle equals one point. If your score is higher than your chosen difficulty level, the rectangles are dark blue. If your score is lower than the difficulty level, the rectangles are purple.

You can compare your recordings to improve your pronunciation.

Reference: To consult the Grammar, Conjugation, Glossary and Dictionary:

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Product: Tell Me More
Publisher: Auralog
Distributor: Auralog
Language: Spanish, Japanese
Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT
Rec. Retail Price: (see website)
Release Media: Downloadable
Accessories incl.: n/a
System Requirements:
Web site: www.auralog.com
E-mail contact: info@auralog.com

by Ali Kayn
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