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Internet security for local area networks

While Net Nanny and Times Up and even the DS9 voiceprint software monitor the connections of an individual PC, WebTrack monitors the connections of networked users.

Internet connections paid by companies are open to abuse. Internet connections can provide companies with relevant and timely information, but it can also provide employees with a 'free' account with which to download screen savers, job opportunities, or for use illegal purposes.

Philip Berner, managing director of CheckMARK Technologies Pty Ltd (Net Nanny) and directory of Surf's UP! (WebTrack distributor) says "Managers are concerned with lost productivity and wasted expenses when employees tap into the Internet during work hours and access undesirable or unproductive information ."

Another concern of employers is that Internet connections could be used to access inappropriate information such as pronographic materials (which if displayed at the workplace, some say, renders the company responsible in harassment cases). According to Berner, "There is ... marginal concern regarding liability for enabling pornographic or unwanted material to enter the office. WebTrack protects your organisation from potential legal or human resource liability."

WebTrack installs on a proxy server behind the network's firewall. A user-maintainable Control List contains thousands of sites and URLs. Additionally, all URL requests can be logged with the time of day. Using WebTrack corporations can review Internet usage reports and ensure that their Internet usage is cost-effective.

RRP: WebTrack starts at $795 for five users. Site licensing available.

Distributor: Surf's UP! Software

Ph: (02) 9957 6970 or 1800 504 025

E-mail: 100354.1755@compuserve.com

Upgrade from Ulead systems
The new release of ImagePals has been named PhotoImpact. It is available with web extensions that provide excellent functionality such as on-the-fly conversion to jpg or GIF (with full control over compression, transaparency etc) from Explorer as well as the product.

PhotoImpact ships with a new version of the album (3.0) with additional database functionality.

A review copy has been received an PhotoImpact will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

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