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Once again the brave explorer, Mr Casimir takes his journey of exploration, deep, deep into the bowels of the world wide web. He searches, he follows the skeins, and he brings back to us URLs. It's a bit like when you get up in the morning and your faithful cat has brought in a little breakfast for you to share.

The listings are flavoured with Casimir's own brand of humour, a light, piquant little sauce. Nevermind that occasionally the tidbit has fled the web before your browser hits it.

This is a successor to Postcards from the Net,it's a street guide to the byways of the information superhighway (you know that thing that's really more like a city designed by a demented civil engineer).

It's funny, it's charming, it is informative. It is filled with essays and commentary, and Casimir's own experience. Read about his adventures in cyberspace as Jenny (26). Go on, why not get a copy?

Oh. Wait. Hold on a minute. I can't see Festivale in it anywhere. IGNORE all previous statements.

See also: Postcards from the Net, by Jon Casimir

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