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Book Reviews

Spring 1997

A Home among the Gum Trees
A Home among the Gum TreesA Home among the Gum Trees Allen & Unwin (h/c, A$21.95)

You need to be sure that junior is going to treat this book with some respect if you buy it for a child. And being a Little Ark imprint, it does seem to be targetted at kids. The price is a bit steep for the average mum or dad to fork out unless the kids have a real interest in how people live and the history of Australian homes (from aboriginal through to today). As a library book the price is probably easier to justify.

John Nicholson has put a lot of effort into his paintings and text, there is a lot of information, and excellent fold-out pages. People of all ages could be amazed at the variety of homes, there are the old terraces, the house in a bridge pylon, and of course the underground homes.

Well illustrated and thought-out, if the price fits your budget, it's definitely worth having.

by Ali Kayn

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